Custom Portable Privacy Living Wall Planter Designed for Tattoo Shop

Sometimes clients request something special. A unique design based on my planters.

Custom Portable Privacy Living Wall Planter

This particular design was designed to separate the tattoo stations. The client did not want the planter part of it. They instead wanted a top shelf to place items.

Do you need a Custom Design? I can help!

Custom Dimensions and Designs Available Upon Request – Do these planter dimensions not work for your needs or your design ideas? Well, we can do custom designs to suit your needs. I can help you design a planter that will work for you at an affordable cost. Just request it! Contact us today! Click Here!!!

Custom Portable Privacy Living Wall Planter

Custom Portable Privacy Living Wall Planter

See The Rest Of The Gallery – Photos by Henry Flores:

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Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act = Deny Americans the Right to Know

“The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday passed a hotly debated measure that blocks any mandatory labeling of foods made with genetically engineered crops, including pre-empting a state law set to take effect next year in Vermont.

Dubbed the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act by supporters, but the “Deny Americans the Right to Know” or DARK Act, by opponents, the measure was approved 275-150 with 45 Democrats voting for the bill.

House passage marks a victory for food and agricultural companies that have lobbied for the bill, and a blow to opponents, which include consumer, health and environmental groups and organic food industry players.

House members had a heated debate ahead of the vote with supporters claiming GMOs are proven safe. They said mandatory labeling would burden the food industry with unwieldy and costly requirements.

Opponents countered that 64 other countries require labeling of GMO foods, the science on safety is mixed, and consumers have a right to know if their food is made with GMOs.

“It (the bill) makes it impossible for people to know what they are purchasing and eating. It is an attack on transparency,’ said Representative John Conyers Jr., a Democrat, in floor debate.

Representative G.K. Butterfield, also a Democrat, said the bill would require regulators to examine the safety profile of new GMO foods, replacing a voluntary consultation process, and set a national standard for voluntary GMO labeling.

“It (the bill) gives consumers certainty while taking into account the delicate balance and sheer size and complexity of the food supply chain that…is responsible for feeding the country,” Butterfield said during the floor debate.

The Grocery Manufacturers Association, which represents more than 300 food companies, has been a key architect of the bill, aiming to squelch state efforts to force labeling of GMO foods.

Opponents of the bill said they see it stalling in the Senate but supporters said they are finding growing support.

Those who want to see mandatory labeling say that among their concerns about GMO foods is a worry that the herbicide glyphosate, which is widely used on genetically modified crops, is harmful to human health. Residues of the pesticide have been detected in foods and a World Health Organization research unit earlier this year said glyphosate was “probably” cancer-causing for humans.”

~ Written By Carey Gillam

On a Side Note:


Video Source:

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How Much and When to Water the Plants in your Vegetable Garden

I am often asked about watering the plants inside the planters. There is no better way to explain then to reference some YouTube stars who do a perfect job.

Please see the following videos:
Video 01:
Signs of Over Watering Plants

Video 02:
How much and When to Water the Plants in your Vegetable Garden

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Delivery – How Many Planters Can I Take With One Delivery Charge?

One Price for delivery, up to as many planters that I can fit into my cargo van and my trailer! *** Please see EXCEPTIONS below.

Working out a fair price is always difficult. Some of you may live far and some are just around the corner. Some of you may order many and some only a few. So, how do I determine the delivery charge? Well, it is very difficult. Today, I am going to try the one size fits all model.

I will personally deliver your planter or planters to your home or office or deliver them to your friends house on their birthday. I will come armed with knowledge on preparing your planters for your plants and I will advice you on best placement on your property. Ask me anything and I will do my best to answer your questions.

So how much? $100 for as many planters that I can fit into my cargo van and my trailer within the Los Angeles Area, Ventura, and Inland Empire. *** Please see EXCEPTIONS below.

A. Pick up is always free! You are more than welcome to come pick up your planter or planters. I will even help you secure them to your vehicle. You must bring your own tie down straps.

B. For other delivery areas outside the Los Angeles Area, Ventura Area, and Inland Empire Area, please inquire by sending me an email. Please visit my contact page: Contact Page – Living Green Planters

C. Please inquire for pick up location. I am a home business, with a family and a hungry growing boy, and therefore do not feel safe just listing my address online. I hope that you understand! My zip code is 92553.

D. Are you in need? I can also make exceptions on my exceptions! You might just get free delivery!

I am looking forward to your order and thank you for supporting my business and family! Please pass on the word around!

See The Rest Of The Gallery – Photos by Henry Flores:

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Massive Seven Portable Privacy Living Wall Planter installation by Living Green Planters

Privacy is very important, especially when it comes to personal security, employee security or just to keep the unwanted away! Well, my planters are perfect for that and for separating large or small areas.

Recently, I had to do a massive seven planter office installation for an outdoor patio where their employees congregated for lunch and to play some basket ball. The planters that were requested were massive. My client ordered Four Regular and Wide Portable Privacy Living Wall Planters and Three Large and Wide Portable Privacy Living Wall Planters.

The dimensions were:
Regular and Wide – Approx. 6′(length) x 2′(width) x 33″- 36″(height) with interior depth of Approx. 11″-12″

Large and Wide – Approx. 6′(length) x 2′(width) x 58″-60″(height) with interior depth of Approx. 11″-12″

My client needed privacy from the street. Their employees did not feel safe and didn’t hangout as much in that area before my planters. Eventually, they installed boxwood plants to add to the height of the planters and to make the area feel secure and cozy.



Eventually, this client ordered a few Portable Box Planters to complete their vision. I will show this on another post. The place looked great!

By the way, this installation can be seen from the street. It is next to the Archlight Theater and the Bank of America on Sunset Blvd and Vine St. in Hollywood.

Using Google Street View, you can see the Box Wood Planters:



See The Rest Of The Gallery – Photos by Henry Flores:

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Portable Elevated Planter – Father’s Day Surprise for Chef Husband – Customer Testimonials

I came across your site on Etsy and on craigslist. I am interested in the portable elevated planter. I’m looking for something to grow an herb garden in, as well as, some tomatoes and maybe some squash. Could I do all of that in those boxes? I live in Sherman Oaks and get plenty of sun on my property. I know nothing about gardening, but thought it would be a nice gift for my husband, who likes to use fresh herbs a lot in his cooking.

What kind of drainage system is in the box? Would I have to do anything special besides just daily watering?

Thank you for your interest in my planters. Regarding growing all those varieties of plants on one planter is possible, but it all depends on the placement and also on how you plan to control the plants from growing wild.

Living Green Planters is a home business. I build the planters as they are ordered, but you are welcome to come look at my personal planters in my own garden showroom. Regarding the drainage, the wood and the space between each board creates perfect drainage.

Great! I am interested in either picking up the box or having it delivered. This weekend works great, no sooner. I want it to be a surprise for my husband and he’ll be gone then.

I will have the planter ready for delivery before noon. I am looking forward to building this planter for your husband. I am sure that he is going to enjoy it.

A few months later, I get an email from laura:
“Here is our planter box. Filled with all kinds of herbs and veggies for my chef husband for Father’s Day. Looks awesome! Hope he likes it :) Thanks Henry!

A few days later, I get another email saying:
“He loved it!”

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Jumbo Portable Elevated Planter and The Portable Elevated Planter – Parkinson’s Disease – Customer Testimonials

I live in Ojai, CA. Love your boxes! My dad is interested in your elevated planter box. I would like a quote for a custom box that is 8 feet long and (i think) 32 or so inches high. He loves gardening, but has Parkinson’s and isn’t able to bend down anymore.

Your father is lucky to have someone like you and parkinson’s is one of my reasons for creating the portable elevated planter.

I just showed my dad your jumbo box and he loved it.

That is great that your father likes the planters. There are two options, the Jumbo Portable Elevated Planter and
the Portable Elevated Planter.

Yay! I’m so excited! We want the Jumbo Portable Elevate Planter.

A few hours later:
I just emailed you about the Jumbo Portable Elevated Planter that we want to purchase, plus my address, etc. I’m having second thoughts and may want to take you up on your special offer…
We want to buy two, the Portable Elevated Planter AND the Jumbo Portable Elevated Planter.

If you would please bring both, that would be great.

After delivering the planters.

I hope that you had a great weekend and I hope that your father is enjoying the planters. I recently had my receipts redesigned and therefore, I am sending you the receipt for your records. I would love to see your father using the planters for his love of gardening. Please don’t be shy in sending me some photos and please pass the word around.

Thanks again for your purchase.

A few months later, I get a message from Debi that says:

“The planters are working out perfectly! And here is my dad with one of your planters! We love the boxes.

Wow… Look at those cucumbers and zucchinis. Your dad is a much better gardener than me. Wow. Thank you for the photo, I really do appreciate it!

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Jumbo Portable Elevated Planter – Front Driveway Garden – Customer Testimonials

“I think I bought these [Jumbo Portable Elevated Planters by Living Green Planters] about 4 years ago. Just wanted to show you that they are still doing their job and holding up well. Thanks” ~ Susan in Redondo Beach.

You would think that after so long, the planters would naturally start to age. The planters can last a lifetime so long as you take care of them. Fortunately, Susan loves to grow her own food and loves the planters that make it happen.

See The Rest Of The Gallery – Photos by Susan, a Loyal Customer:

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Raised Bed Planter – Bamboo Privacy Fence – Customer Testimonials

Two years ago, I was fortunate enough to get an order from a sweet lady named Lisa. She wanted to create a privacy fence between her neighbor and her back yard. She still wanted her yard to look great, so we came up with a simple solution.

The design was to use three of my Raised Bed Planters with custom dimensions.

After some time, she sends me this photo with a simple note that says, “Looks good!, Thanks!” and she signs her name.

If you would like help designing your garden with my planters, I would be more than happy to help.

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Living Green Planters – Children’s Garden Planter

Children’s Garden Planter. Teach your child / children to grown their own food from a young age. Perfect for your very own organic suburban farm. Perfect for vegetable gardening or plant/flower gardening. The planter has rolling wheels to make it easier to transfer from location to location if needed.

The approximate dimensions are:
3′ (length) x 2′ (width) x 1′ (depth), total planter height: 2′ (height) or 24″

This is a custom built planter designed by Living Green Planters. If you are looking for other dimensions, materials, finishes, etc, please feel free to contact for a quote. Custom sizes without custom fees. We are wholly committed to designing and building original living planters in an environmentally responsible way. I’m also an engineer, so if you have any design questions, I would be glad to help in terms of designing your planter for your garden.

PLEASE NOTE… Pick up only, Delivery available for a small fee if needed within the Los Angeles, Ventura, and Inland Empire areas.

*** All Sales are final. No refunds, No returns, No exchanges. Please see our “Pricing Page” for more details, Click Here!!!

To Order:
Living Green Planters, LLC
Contact us directly via e-mail:

Also visit for other products and for other design ideas.

See The Rest Of The Gallery – Photos by Henry Flores:

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