Carrot Harvest From Jumbo Portable Elevated Planter, Design Two


Using the Jumbo Portable Elevated Planter, Design Two, allows you to grow deep root vegetables. The latest harvest from my own personal garden are the Carrots. There is nothing sweeter than growing your own organic vegetables. You can too.

One of the joys of having your own garden is having fresh everything, and there is nothing like having fresh carrots from my own organic garden. You too can have amazing vegetables from having your very own Living Green Planter. Even if you do not have earth visible where you live, my planters can help. The Jumbo Portable Elevated Planter was designed specifically for you, the concrete farmer. Even the smallest of spaces, you can grow your own fresh fruits and vegetables.

Get your own Jumbo Elevated Planter, Design Two. Currently we are having a sale.

For Pricing:

See The Rest Of The Gallery – Carrot Harvest, Photos by Henry Flores:

See The Rest Of The Gallery – Jumbo Portable Elevated Planter, Design Two, Photos by Henry Flores:

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