Massive Three Jumbo Portable Elevated Planter, Design Two installation by Living Green Planters

There is nothing like creating an organic sub-urban farm in this concrete jungle that we live in. Especially when you are designing your garden to grow food and create a relaxing environment. I love getting large orders, such as a full installation of three Jumbo Portable Planters, Design Two.


The order was made by a client that is tired of spending hundreds of dollars every time they went shopping for organic vegetables and organic herbs. I, myself used to spend about $140 dollars every single week getting organic tomatoes, organic cucumbers, organic potatoes, organic carrots, organic radishes, organic beets, organic onions, organic bell peppers, organic strawberries, organic lettuce, organic green peas and organic herbs such as cilantro, chives, and oregano. Now, I practically have a planter for every vegetables.


The installation happened on a patio of a penthouse suite on the top floor of the building. The hardest part was getting the planters and the soil and the rocks, and the manure, and all the tools up a little elevator. I had to make four trips up and down the elevator, then I had to climb down some stairs with everything. After all that, I finally did the installation.


It all started by placing the planters on their proposed location. I eventually changed that location to improve the sun exposure of the planters. The plants are growing fast and growing food, which is the most important part of getting these planters installed. Let me design an organic urban / sub-urban farm for you.


You can see the specs for the planter on the following link:
Living Green Planters – Jumbo Portable Elevated Planter Box – Design Two

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Living Green Planters – List Of All Products

See The Rest Of The Gallery – Photos by Henry Flores:

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