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Living Wall Planter. Perfect for transforming plain walls into living walls. Perfect for vegetable gardening. Perfect for herbs. Perfect for your very own organic suburban farm.

Learn to grow your own organic vegetables, with no need to bend over to tend to your vegetable garden.

We have four dimensions available:

For Herbs:
Regular – Approx. 4′ (length) x 4′ (width) x 8″ (depth)

Regular and Tall – Approx. 6′ (length) x 4′ (width) x 8″ (depth)

Herbs: Regular

For Various Other Small Plants:
Regular – Approx. 4′ (length) x 4′ (width) x 6″ (depth)

Regular and Tall – Approx. 6′ (length) x 4′ (width) x 6″ (depth)

Plants: Regular

* Custom Dimensions and Designs Available Upon Request!

This is a custom built planter. If you are looking for other dimensions, materials, finishes, etc, please feel free to contact me for a quote. Custom sizes without custom fees. We are wholly committed to designing and building original planters in an environmentally responsible way. I’m also an engineer, so if you have any design questions, I would be glad to help in terms of designing your planter for your garden.

Don’t know how to start? Well, we have done all the work for you. As an option, your planter can be “Filled and Ready” for your plants. If plants are shown, they are not included. All you need to do is get your own pre-grown plants or become adventurous and start from seed. There is an additional fee for the “Filled and Ready Option” for your planter. Update: Currently, the “Filled and Ready Option” is not being offered!

PLEASE NOTE… Pick up only, Delivery available for a small fee if needed within the Los Angeles, Ventura, San Diego and Inland Empire areas. For more information please see our “Delivery Page”, Click Here!!!

*** All Sales are final. No refunds, No returns, No exchanges.

Please see our “Pricing Page” for more details, Click Here!!!

* Custom Dimensions and Designs Available Upon Request – Do these planter dimensions not work for your needs or your design ideas? Well, we can do custom designs to suit your needs. I can help you design a planter that will work for you at an affordable cost. Just request it! Contact us today! Click Here!!!

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Living Green Planters - Living Wall Planter - Planted

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Plants: Regular and Tall

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