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The Plants Have Grown – Portable Elevated Planter Box

What a difference a few days make when it comes to properly planted plants. Happy plants grow fast. Watch my plants grow in just a few days. It is an amazing difference.

Living Green Planters - Portable Elevated Planter

They grow rapidly in the elevated planter box because of its design. The planter is designed from an engineer’s perspective to do what it needs to do for a healthy and happy plant, with strength of box, durability, and proper drainage, as major design considerations. Also, they are easy to move.


I have two planters growing vegetables such as Broccoli, Onions, Cabbage, Bell Peppers, and Sugar Snap Pees. I have a third dedicated to a fruit, known as a tomato. I am growing four types of tomatoes. I can’t wait. You can grown your own sub-urban farm just like mine. Do you have a small space on a side of the house that gets sun and is not used for anything? Well, this is the perfect spot for a Portable Elevated Planter Box. I can customize it to fit your needs.

Learn more about the Elevated Portable Planter:

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